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Monday, May 20, 2024
The Parrett Catchment Project

Parrett Catchment Project Education Resource



  • Exciting new Geography Education Resource for teachers.
  • Key stages 2, 3 and 4 linking to citizenship and science.
  • Packed with exercises and ideas for lessons.
  • Free and downloadable from this website as a series of PDF documents with a comprehensive contents list.
  • General information about rivers and catchments with specific infomation about the Parrett catchment in Somerset.
  • Approved by LEA Associate consultant for Citizenship and Geography.
  • For further information Contact Nickie Moore on 01823 355281.




The Big Sponge initiative is all about encouraging people to think and there is no better place to promote knowledge about issues of water management than a formal learning environment. Equally as important, there is no better audience with whom to foster good habits and an appreciation of our local environment than young people. In recognition of the value of reaching the real stakeholders in the future of the catchment - children - the project team has made substantial progress in developing an online education pack to aid teaching and learning of Geography at Key Stage 2, 3 and 4.


The PCP’s Rivers Resource for teachers will be topical and relevant, making it all the more fun to teach and all the more engaging for children who will be able to really relate to what is being taught .” Sam Woodhouse (LEA Associate consultant for Citizenship and Geography)

The resource is free and now available to download (see below). Although primarily aimed at schools within the catchment, using an online format will ensure the pack is accessible to a global audience. It also means that the pack can be improved and updated, and it can evolve over time to include further sections, subject to demand.

It will contain a short unit called "Investigating rivers", which looks at how they work, what they do and the issues surrounding them. There is also a long unit (up to 12 hours of teaching) called "What's Challenging the Parrett. " This concentrates on the Parrett Catchment itself, detailing the features, perspectives and issues in the area, with a focus on the causes and impacts of, as well as the solutions to, flooding. The pack provides a number of ideas for exercises and activities, and field trips.

The resource is fully integrated with the national curriculum and contain detailed links with the rest of the elements of the Big Sponge campaign, including a "what you can do to help reduce flooding" section. Its ultimate aim is not only to help schools inform their pupils but also encourage them to begin to think critically and sensitively about the issues surrounding them and their role in the world, thereby fostering life-skills as well as knowledge.



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Appeal to Teachers


In order to ensure we produce a high quality product that is easy and fun for teachers to use, we are seeking teachers to trial the resource for us.


If you are happy to trial the resource (the whole pack, or parts of it), provide us with valuable feedback and have your school named in publicity material, please contact us - telephone: 01823 355281 or email: NMoore@somerset.gov.uk.