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Monday, May 20, 2024
The Parrett Catchment Project

What We Are Doing

The PCP’s twelve components have been divided into themed areas, which involve changes to rural land, water management and urban development as well as awareness raising.


The Rural section contains information about:


  • Changes to agricultural land management

  • Creating temporary flood storage areas on farmland

  • Creating new wetland habitats

  • Woodland Development


The Water section contains information about:


  • Dredging and maintaining river channels

  • Raising riverbanks

  • Upgrading pumping stations

  • Spreading floodwater across the moors

  • Building a tidal sluice or barrier downstream of Bridgwater

  • Upgrading channels to enhance gravity drainage

  • The Urban section contains information about:

  • Controlling runoff from development

  • Restricting new development on the floodplain


The Awareness raising section contains information about:


  • 2006 River Festival

  • 2006 PCP in Practice

  • 2005/6 Roadshows and PCP film project


What We Are Doing Montage